Work it, Girl 

I will fully admit that I have spent the majority of my thirty-seven years on this planet totally coasting. (I will let myself slide for the newborn/toddler years, but the rest were done totally by choice.) I shouldn’t complain that I am decently intelligent in nature, but I think it has hindered me more than helped. I really never needed to try hard to pass or even do fairly well in school. And all incremental effort took away from my time trying to be a high school/college/grad school princess.

So what has it gotten me? As I sit here and read all about my classmates who are top executives/entrepreneurs/public servants, I have the dubious honor of being the one with the most clothes? (Okay, this is not a completely terrible thing but it still won’t get me my own illustration in the WSJ.) Not cool, formerly “cool girl”, not cool at all.

As I said yesterday, I have been refocusing myself and attempting not to be a pathetic person who just lets life wash over them like a beached whale (also attempting not to have the figure to go along with this metaphor). I found that the best way to test my limits was to do something that I have absolutely no natural talent at and no innate interest in. Running.

I won’t bore you with all of the details of the past seven months (I kind of did that here). But I will say that my goal was to run two half marathons within a year. Less than a month ago, I ran those races. On back-to-back weekends. Now my goal is eight half marathons and two FULL marathons.

half.001 (1)

{left: Kentucky Derby Half Marathon; right: 500 Festival Mini Marathon}

I still in no way consider myself a “runner”. Yes, I can run a decent distance but I am certainly no athlete. But what I am is pretty gosh darn proud of myself and that is something I have NEVER been before. In running you can not coast. But you can thrive. You can also:

See Amazing Things!

half2.001 (1)

{left: Churchill Downs; right: Indianapolis Motor Speedway}

Running the tracks at Churchill Downs and Indy was a tremendous thrill (I’ll also finish a race on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field this weekend!), but I have also seen a chihuahua run a 10k (and beat me).

Torture Your Family and Friends!

RP5K15 copy

What I have heard about runners is 100% true: they run their mouths infinitely more than they run their legs. I guess the only way I would consider myself a runner is in this department, as I can talk about running day and night. I even dream about running (and One Direction). This I am sure has become particularly annoying for my family, but not as annoying as me attempting to get them to run every single race I enter. So far I have only succeeded in getting my mother and sister to run a 5k with me.

I also succeeded in getting my husband to complete an entire Couch to 5k program in 35 minutes. I got him up from the couch and had him run 4 miles with me one morning. He was not a fan.

Shop Shop Shop Shop!

I never thought that running would be a sport that would tap into my true natural talent – shopping. But I have never met a group more passionate about their apparel (and hydration gear. and nutrition. and socks. and technology. and on. and on.) than runners. I have found my people. Besides being completely addicted to Lululemon (I know, I am such a cliché), I have become completely passionate about my running gear. Here are some of the items I cannot live without:


I guess I will never truly escape my predilection for acquiring stuff, but I have found the joy in testing myself, trying new things and actually working for something. And I highly recommend it.









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  1. Betsy says:

    Congratulations !! …to all of you !!!

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