Fine Art Friday: Tom Blachford 

Dear Husband, Please close your computer now and do not continue on with this post. There are things here that I love and that will undoubtedly end up on your walls in the near future. I’d hate for you not to be surprised. (I’d also hate for you to tell me no and for me to have to ignore you.) Love, Your Doting (and selectively deaf) Wife

Okay good. Now that he’s gone we can move along.

I have always really loved aerial photography (see: Gray Malin). There is something about the symmetry (or lack thereof) of it all and the peacefulness of being a bit removed from the action. That is how I first stumbled upon Tom Blachford and his beautiful aerial work.







So when I heard that Tom had done another series, this time with feet firmly planted on Earth, my interest was piqued. And heavens rejoice! In his most recent travel series, he decided to capture my modernist obsession – Palm Springs!!!

Photography of Palm Springs is by no means new (see: Slim Aarons), but this series captures the city in a whole new light. Literally – moonlight. According to the artist, “Time is compressed from 30 seconds into one viewable moment. The stars blur into dashes to remind us that even seemingly immovable steel and mountains are actually spinning on a grand scale as our earth rotates on its axis, and in turn around the sun.” Okay, whatever. I just think it is so very pretty.






You can buy yourself a print from this most recent series HERE. Or you can buy me one. *wink*


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