Simulating the Saguaro 

Yesterday it was 73 degrees out here. That is insane! It felt like a little slice of Spring Break had been delivered right to my doorstep. I spent my entire day split up between running (11 miles!) and sprucing up my patios (oiling teak, sanding off old paint, arranging furniture). It was glorious!!!

Last year, we didn’t get as much time to enjoy our patios as I would have liked so this year I am completely committed to having a perfect patio in April. And by perfect, I mean having a patio area completely inspired by one of my favorite places in Palm Springs – The Saguaro.


You knew it had to have color; there should have been no doubt. One day my dream is to have a small, modern residence in Palm Springs. It will be entirely white and will have a pool… and I will COVER it in color. Until then, I am sprucing up my own space and using as much vibrant color as my husband will allow.

{chaise lounge and umbrella: CB2, all other items: clickable icons}

What do you have planned for Spring Break? Will you stay at home or get away from it all?

For those staying at home, don’t worry, you can always get so drunk that you don’t know where you actually are. My helpful hint for having a Spring Break for under $20! You are most welcome.







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2 Responses to Simulating the Saguaro

  1. Adam says:

    That hotel is funny! It looks like someone went to a Super 8 and painted the walls crazy colors. But kudos to them for taking a 1950’s motel and sprucing it up! I unfortunately will be having a staycation for Spring Break. I’ll have a hard time keeping my booze bill under $20 though!!

    • Mrs. AA says:

      A Super 8?! How insulting. It used to be a HOLIDAY INN. 😉
      You are quite the expensive drunk. I think these days I get drunk just off fumes. It is quite sad.

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