Pura Vida: Gringo Edition 

After two days in a row of me waxing philosophical about life (am I having a midlife crisis?), I think we all need a break. So instead let me bore you with a summary of my last vacation! One of my best friends had recently gone on a trip to Costa Rica and I, like any good friend would, totally jacked her idea.

Mr. A and I are hopelessly incompatible when it comes to defining a perfect vacation. He could sit on a chaise lounge for 12 hours, drinking in copious amounts of both frozen daiquiris and light cancer. If I had to imagine what hell would look like, it would be me sitting on a chaise lounge, drinking daiquiris and sunbathing. I can not sit still for long periods of time. Daiquiris make me fat. And good God, I am THE whitest person on the planet.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I pretended I was booking a beach vacation and did nothing of the sort! My mother, who knows my husband’s proclivities quite well, nearly cried she was laughing so hard when she read my vacation plans (which I didn’t share with my husband until it was too late to change them). There was hiking and canyoning and rafting and ziplining. What was there not? Time for relaxation! Yippee!!

Where We Stayed (and Ate)

Tabacon Resort and Spa (La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano)

Our hotel was located at the base of the Arenal Volcano… not at all disturbing given the fair amount of volcanic activity going on in Costa Rica at the time. I absolutely loved this resort. We had our own little house (below), but the entire property was absolute perfection. Just a shame we didn’t have a second of downtime in order to enjoy it more.




Gaia Hotel and Reserve (Manuel Antonio)

I was pretty bummed to have to leave Tabacon. But Manuel Antonio had quite the reputation for being something not to miss while in Costa Rica, so we packed up and moved on. Gaia is nestled in the coastal forests of Costa Rica, the hotel’s terraced suites offering views of lush and pristine wild surroundings… not to mention the Pacific Ocean. The sunsets???  Gah.



I have pretty much been a teetotaler since I started running (and since I have also gotten OLD), but I made an exception when we visited Ronny’s Place, which is said to have the best sangria in the WORLD. Can you blame me? (And yes, it was THAT GOOD.)  They also had a mad sunset scene.




What We Did

Sky Tram, Sky Trek and Sky Walk Tour

My husband was probably the least pleased on this day, as we had arrived at our hotel at 3am and we were up at 7am for the day’s activities, which included a 3 hour hike and two hours of ziplining. Good thing it was awesome!



I learned a fun fact on this trip – my husband is afraid of heights! Actually, he tells me that he is NOT afraid of heights, he is just afraid of falling. If anyone can tell me the difference, you win a prize! Regardless, I ignored this fact and made him pause for a picture at every hanging bridge. He loves me.


IMG_6513 copy

Pure Trek Canyoning Tour

My sister is the biggest outdoor/climbing badass. So I felt like I needed to do some sort of outdoor badassery to prove myself. I did not prove myself. Quite the contrary.

Arenal Volcano National Park Hike

Both Mr. A and I thought that this hike was the best of the bunch. Our tour guide was super passionate and we chased him around the trails trying to hunt down a toucan and a pack of wild pigs (you can see by the photos how successful we were in finding them). But the views from the top of the trail were outstanding, as was the incredible sunset.






Manuel Antonio National Park Hike

This park was overflowing with wildlife!  We saw sloths, iguanas, bats… but the MONKEYS. They came so close and were so cute. Unless they were stealing your backpack, which they did A LOT.






IMG_6664 copy

MidWorld ATV Tour

This might have been fun if I had actually been given my own ATV.



Savegre River White Water Rafting

Apparently, rafting would have been a lot of fun during the rainy season. When there is actually water. Instead, we rafted during the dry season. So instead of white water, we got lazy river. On the ride up, I did get to see a palm plantation. So that was something.



MidWorld Canopy and Zipline Tour

We had a private zipline tour this time around, which was awesome. Not awesome? What they make you wear.


After ten days of adventure, it was time to swing back to Florida to scoop up Pickle and return to normal life. Boo.


But I think I managed to convince Mr. A that an active vacation is the way to go! Now onto booking the rest of his off days around my race schedule… That should be a another pleasant surprise.


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  1. Adam says:

    What an awesome trip! Looks like a ton of fun!

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