Family Fun Day: Louisville Slugger Factory 


So, I have been quiet for a long time. Not only have I been totally uninspired lately, I have been totally depressed. I have sat in front of my computer more times than I can count, unable to type a single word. (Lie. One day I was able to type a whole sentence. Unfortunately, it was a text to my husband that read “I am so unhappy I want to peel my skin off with a rusty fishing knife.” He was pleased.)

What has changed? I love my husband. I love my child. And yes, I still LOVE fashion. I just really dislike… well, you know. So what to do?

DO SOMETHING. That’s my 2014 motto. You don’t like your ass? Do something about it. You don’t like your hair? Do something about it. You don’t like anything about your life? Do something. Just make sure that something has nothing to do with a rusty fishing knife. (Have some pride and clean it first.)

First step in my DO SOMETHING 2014 campaign was to create Family Fun Day (yay!! – says no one).  Sundays are the only days that my husband has off. So instead of just sitting around in our pajamas, we are getting out of town (or at the very least doing something new in town).


First stop? The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in (dum duuuuuum) Louisville.


I am very, very wise (read: manipulative) and picked a place that I knew my husband would love so we could actually get to the second Family Fun Day.


This bat is normal sized. I have just been on a strict exercise and diet regime. (More lies.)


Is this an oyster with a pearl? Baseball isn’t so bad!


Before we went into the factory, they allowed my husband to touch a bat that had been used during a game by some guy. He had to wear gloves and could not touch the bat to any surface. Really?

They also demanded that we put away all cell phones and cameras during the factory portion of the tour. I had enough of this nonsense so I took a picture of their industrial sized copy machine and pile of bats. Take that.


Here is some other stuff that they did let me take pictures of, which made them instantly not at all interesting.





I then got tired of taking pictures, so let Pickle take some…


I got a rare picture of the Mr. and me.


And about 145 pictures of her Bitty Baby throughout the museum. I should have given her the camera sooner.


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4 Responses to Family Fun Day: Louisville Slugger Factory

  1. Adam says:

    I like family fun day! Who knew a museum about bats could be so much fun?!

  2. Ann D. says:

    Frazier History Museum across the street from Louisville Slugger is excellent! Doesn’t sound exciting, I know, but it is really well done.

    • Mrs. AA says:

      There may be a lot of Sunday Fun Days that I need to come up with… It’s going on the list!!!

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