Look of the Irish 

Last year at exactly this time, I got the best news ever! And it has been such an amazing year since…  I somewhat expected to have a really rough winter given all the bemoaning I did about Cincinnati, but didn’t happen whatsoever. The gods realized my suffering and took pity.


Because St. Patrick’s Day landed on a Tuesday (today) this year, most of the celebrating took place over the weekend. I ran a St. Patrick’s themed race on Saturday (and will do another this upcoming Saturday – run run run run!!!), we saw the Chicago River dyed green and Mr. A and I went out for a rare date to dinner (mmm) and the symphony (meh).


My favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day was reading the police blotter (thanks Tonia and Dana!) the day after. My second favorite thing was wearing my favorite Phoenix necklace out on the town. I paired mine with a tunic and fur coat (it got chilly at night!), but this necklace is so versatile you could easily wear it out to lunch.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! xoxo.







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