Let There Be Light! 


I won’t belabor the point on how depressed I am with my current environment (okay maybe I just did). But after literally laying on the floor while Pickle was at school for three days, I forced myself to do some research on how to get out of my funk. And quickly.

As appealing as electro-shock therapy sounded (and as much as I probably need it), I decided to take a pass and go with a simpler approach. Light therapy! It even sounds happy!!!

So I hurried over to Amazon and purchased the naturebright Sun Therapy Lamp, not expecting much. But at the very least, I would have to get off of my bathroom floor to get the package off of my front porch. Progress!

Thirty minutes after my first session and I was not only up off the floor, I had taken a shower! And put on makeup!!  My whole household breathed a collective sigh of relief (probably because they hadn’t breathed at all since I stopped showering a week earlier).

Seriously the best thing I have purchased since Friday. Or on Friday. (Hey, I may have been depressed but I wasn’t dead. A girl can still internet shop for clothes on the bathroom floor.)


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2 Responses to Let There Be Light!


    Seriously, now I am concerned. You know who else uses a light box!

    • Mrs. AA says:

      Don’t be concerned. And honestly I don’t care if Satan has a light box (his home might be more gloomy and depressing than mine!), it really works for me!!!

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