I Heart Pee-wee (and Jambi too!) 


I LOVE Pee-wee Herman.  I might have been only two when he tip-toed onto the scene (on the Dating Game!!! not joking), but I have been totally obsessed as long as I can remember.

He (still! at 62!!) has the perfect little elfin face and figure, his skin is beautiful and he has some on point dance moves. I want to crawl into his body and be him.


I mean, how sick are those platform loafers?! At 8 (when Pee-wee’s Big Adventure came out), I thought they were a bit out there. But at 38, I have to have me a pair.

{click “+” icon for direct link}

Also, I am pretty sure that his magical genie Jambi introduced me to the idea of the cocktail ring. He literally had one in the middle of his turban! (And don’t get me started on my love of turbans…) Jambi granted just one wish per day, so that means if he was my genie I would have at least ten thousand cocktail rings at this point.

{cocktail rings via Plukka; click “+” icon for direct link}

I have passed along my love of all things Pee-wee to Pickle, who has now watched Pee-wee’s Adventure 100 times and Big Top Pee-wee 1/2 times (it was bad, really bad). And we are just bubbling over with anticipation for the new Pee-wee/Judd Apatow movie – Pee-wee’s Big Holiday – to hit Netflix. Move over Piper Chapman, as Pee-wee says himself “Bowtie is the new black”.











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