Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

There once was a girl kind of witty,

Who was living in the Queen City;

When that did not agree,

To her husband she did plea,

Now no more wallowing in self-pity.

Hello friends! I know it has been a super long time since I last posted… If you know me, you know that is primarily because I haven’t been very happy. And not very happy makes not very good writing. Sometimes complaining can be funny, but not when that is ALL you can bring yourself to talk about. (Can you imagine what living with me for the past 18 months has been like? Sorry hubs.)

But guess what???  Things are about to change and I am ecstatic about it! So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the serious upgrade my life is about to take, let me post this picture…


Know what’s up? As much as I would like to keep you guessing, I can’t help but shout this from the rooftops… I AM MOVING TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled to be moving to a place where I will be surrounded by inspiration and culture and fabulousness. I am so thrilled that I don’t care one little bit that it is even colder there than Cincinnati!

I have really missed blogging and getting to connect with all of you. Hope you will join me as I embark on another crazy adventure! Kisses mo charas!!


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5 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Amber Isaac says:

    Great News!!!! I’m so happy for you and so coming to Chicago for a visit.:) When does this take place?

    • Mrs. AA says:

      Sad that we won’t get to execute my backup plan… But you’d better believe I will still be escaping to FL in the winter! He leaves in two weeks!!! And you know that you are welcome to visit ANY time. With or without kids!!

  2. Lisa Murrell says:

    So happy to hear the news. Happy to see you are happy! Chicago is definitely a better location for you than Cincinnati.

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