Brigitte Bardot and the Boobie Bind 

I have been stuck in a bit of a rut with my looks lately. With all of the running I have been up to, my wardrobe has consisted entirely of sweat-wicking fabrics. And waterproof mascara. And not much else.  It is depressing.

So in order to kick it up a notch, I decided to look for inspiration for my summer look. Do you know how many god-forsaken pictures there are of the Kardashians on the internet?! I have been trying to escape my huge ass for twenty years, not embrace or inflate it any more.  Ugh.

Instead, I want to embrace a casually cool look – beachy hair, cotton, a little skin. I want to be Brigitte.


My first step in the process has been to grow out my hair.  Right now my ponytail is a pathetic little nub but I think I can get it to a pathetic medium-sized nub by July.

And I am absolutely loving the off the shoulder looks that are flooding stores right now! I scooped up several versions this week and learned a very, very hard lesson. In the wrong top, I look like a milk maid. Though boobs can be very useful in certain situations (job interviews, trying to flag down a cab), they are horrible in the situations I am currently finding myself in (running, trying to pull off a peasant top).

But just like in running, the correct bra (coupled with the right cut of top), makes all right in the world. Pin those suckers down with strapless minimizer bra and choose a top that has a straight cut across the chest (no ruffles, no ruching, no pleating) and you are good to go!

If you are lucky enough to not have much going on in the chest department, you can basically pull off any type of off-shoulder top, even the extraordinarily difficult peasant look. I am so jealous, I could spit.


This weekend, stock up on your desired trends with all the great sales! I love the selection of off-shoulder dresses found at ASOS (below). Right now you can get 20% off ALL full price items with code LONGWKND.


My favorite off-shoulder tops were found at Nordstrom, where they are having their Half-Yearly Sale with savings up to 40% off.


If only pulling off skinny jeans worked so well for all body types.  Whomp whomp.






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