Black Out 


{1: Suede over-the-knee boots, 2: Sony Playstation 4, 3: Lacquer bib, 4: Deco Noir watch, 5: Lucra L148}

You all know that there is not much I love more than COLOR.  It begs for your attention… Look at me! Look at me! Which is why it is so strange that a completely black surface would do exactly the same. Maybe because it is so rare to see black without a pop of metallic, that start black is so incredibly stunning and unparalleled in chic.

And with us deep in the trenches of holiday parties and treats, the most important feature of black has to be its ability to slenderize. Color, I have not abandoned you. I am just in mourning for my once (moderately) unbloblike figure.


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4 Responses to Black Out

  1. Uncle Drewsel says:

    I think you should go for the Ferrari La Ferrari, newest model.

  2. Adam says:

    Why are you inserting yourself into the passenger seat?

    • Mrs. AA says:

      I am a lady. That is where I belong. Besides, I can’t afford that car so I will clearly have to suck up to someone that does.

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