4 Must-Haves for Transitioning to Spring 

This week in Chicago has been absolutely gorgeous. Although I loved Chicago through the winter, I do think I am having a bit of Spring fever with all this sun and warmth (I know, a Floridian thinking 50 is warm is nuts!). The most exciting part of this change in weather is most certainly the anticipation of not having to wear some item made by North Face at all times.

Because my hemlines are just itching to come up, I have been diving into my closet (and the internet) to make sure I am fully ready to present myself when Spring finally does arrive for good.

It is apparent to me that there are four necessities for my wardrobe to move seamlessly into Spring. 1) The Boyfriend Jean. So you aren’t ready to jump head first into shorts? Did you pack on a few winter pounds that need some forgiving? This jean is for you. It is slightly cropped so allows you to feel a bit free and the relaxed fit is kind to any and all sins. WARNING: They are so forgiving, that last year I didn’t even notice I put on so much weight until it was waaaaaay too late.

2) The Boyfriend Short. So it is warm enough and you are brave enough to finally show your legs again… Just don’t overdo it. We all know you’re not a preteen anymore (and by you, I mean me). Though these denim shorts are long enough to be age appropriate, they are DEFINITELY not jorts. And their relaxed fit (similar to the jean), offers both forgiveness and a seriously hip/casual vibe.

3) The Denim Jacket. It is heavy enough to offer warmth when there is still a chill in the air (imagine it over a light sweater and black jeans) but not so much so that you can’t throw it on over a sundress.

4) The Overall. This is certainly the most controversial item on the list but by far my favorite. Yes, it does take a bit of bravery to wear a pair of overalls out for the first time. And yes, some people still give you quizzical looks. But they are the ones missing out! Worn with a tiny white tank and Adidas Superstars, I think overalls can be the height of both comfort and cool.

Best news of all? All of these items (by my favorite denim brand Current/Elliott!) are an extra 25% off. Even sale items! Just click on any of the links in the post to take you to the site and enter “CEFRIENDS” during checkout (lasts through 3/16).

You can tell them Farmer AA sent you.



P.S. Current/Elliott runs SUPER large in bottoms (but TTS in tops). I usually wear a 28 in other brands. A 27 in Current/Elliott is a loose fit on me. I would recommend going at LEAST one size down.



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